• Testimonials

    "Bill taught me trust-based empowerment. I hadn't realized that I was showing up as a passive-aggressive leader. I've learned the need to balance the need to maintain governance with empowerment allowing my team members and I to both get what we need."


    - CEO in Aerospace

    "To be honest, I didn't know what I was expecting. It was offered to me and I felt I should try it. I promised to be honest with the process and see where it took me. Bill exceeded all expectations. He changed the way I viewed my job and the way I perceived bringing
    value to this company. Bill taught me both humility and confidence at the same time."


    - Senior VP in Financial Services

    "The Leadership Circle Profile was just the tool I needed to understand the difference between perception and reality, or more accurately, the various realities that can exist simultaneously. The hardest part of the assessment was realizing that where I thought I was already great, there was much room for improvement. This was exacerbated by the Hogan EI assessment, where it became blatantly obvious the areas I could work on, and see a large ROI. Both of these tools created valuable realizations on their own, but the timing of each substantiated the results and brought them more to life."


    - EVP in Transportation and Energy Services

    "Bill speaks from experience. It was easier to work with him who has accomplished so much in the real world vs. just an academic approach. Bill challenged me to think differently, even in situations where I did not see a problem with my current behavior."


    - CFO in Hospitality Industry

    "Bill's coaching enabled me to take a step back and see areas I could refine that were not apparent to me at inception. Acknowledging these have made me a better leader. Looking at behaviors from a different vantage point has also made me a better coach to my team and others throughout the organization."


    - Senior VP in Insurance and Financial Services